All-Payer Model

Vermont All-Payer Model Term Sheet Proposal, January 25, 2016
Vermont CMMI All-Payer Model Term Sheet, January 25, 2016
All-Payer Model One-Page Summary, January 25, 2016
        Vermont All-Payer Model Framework, December 31, 2015

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How are we helping Vermonters?


By reviewing hospital budgets, Certificates of Need, and health insurance rates, the GMCB is both containing health care costs for Vermonters and drawing ever-tightening connections between these previously separate aspects of health care spending.


Organizations serving Vermonters are collaborating on projects to test new ways to pay for and deliver health care. In its role of supervising these projects, the GMCB constantly stresses the importance of demonstrating true benefit to Vermonters.


Nowhere is the GMCB's status as an independent Board more important than in its evaluative role. While many of the projects testing ideas to improve health care payment and delivery are likely to prove beneficial, some may fall short of expectations. It will be necessary to measure and evaluate the full effects of changes - positive and negative, intended and unintended.